Sunday, April 10, 2011

KB Home Planning Belmar "Paired Homes"

According to the City of Lakewood Planning and Public Works Department, KB Home is seeking to replat Block 9 of Belmar to allow for 60 paired residential units. KB Home is already building these out at Stapleton, where they are trimmed with a vaguely Arts and Crafts look. For Belmar, let's hope KB Home goes with a more modern look (modern-- not cheap!)

At Stapleton, prices for these paired homes start at $211,995 for the 1159 square foot model and $236,995 for a three bedroom, 1667 square foot unit. gives more details, though nothing is up yet about the proposed Belmar construction. The word on the street is construction could start this year-- or could be delayed a year.


  1. I'm surprised to see these going up so close to Wadsworth; it's rather noisy/busy over there for additional home development in my opinion. I'm also curious if they are planning on developing on both sides of the park. This should be pretty interesting.

  2. Block 9 was originally slated to be office space. What I've heard is that there just wasn't enough demand, whereas the market for entry level housing is recovering. I don't know why KB Home bought this particular parcel as opposed to one of Belmar's other undeveloped blocks. Block 9 is right across from the Target store's loading docks, which could be potentially noisy at times. There's also RTD traffic along Virginia St. I guess it all depends on how KB plans out the development.

    Belmar's master plan calls for development on both sides of Belmar Square, but I haven't heard of any concrete plans as of yet.

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